Fully-Automated Lightning Detection, Warning, and Protection

Wxline specializes in lightning detection and warning systems and offers comprehensive solutions for the most demanding lightning safety and equipment protection applications.

Lightning Detection System

Strike Guard Lightning Warning System

Strike Guard Strike View Software

Strike Guard RS-232 to Fiber-optic Converter

Strike Guard Line of Products

Wireless Siren System

WAVE Transmitter

WAVE Siren Station

Wxline Equipment Indoor Bulkhead

WAVE Siren Line of Products

Active Lightning Protection

WAVE Sequencer

Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead

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Wxline provides expert Electrical Storm Identification Device (ESID) repair service and replacement parts.

Product and installation prices for the lightning detection and wireless siren system are available from Wxline or your local representative. Contact us to discuss your application.


Strike Guard

WAVE Siren

Electrical Storm Identification Device



Product Tests

Lightning Safety