Wireless Audible Visual Enunciator

The WAVE Siren product line introduces industrial-strength equipment to the field of audio and visual alerts for reliable, highly-effective and fully-automated wireless communication during emergency situations and adverse weather.

The WAVE Transmitter broadcasts digitally encrypted messages to activate WAVE Siren Stations within a two mile radius. The Transmitter offers automated triggering of Siren Stations during programmable hours of operation, or manual triggering of Siren Stations at any time.

WAVE relies on low-frequency RF communication to operate in noisy environments and over challenging terrain.

Wave Siren Delivers:

  • Automatic or manual wireless siren actuation within a two mile radius
  • Secure encoded RF communications; automatic self-tests with system status indicators
  • Adjustable horn volume
  • Multi-stage strobe and audible notification
  • High intensity strobe light or tri-color light stack options for visual notification
  • Siren Station NEMA 4X molded fiberglass enclosure
  • RF transmission test signal for Siren Station site selection
  • Manual key operation or automated operation with contact-closure signal
  • Programmable hours of operation to restrict automated external control
  • Solar- or AC-powered Siren Station available
  • High capacity, battery back-up for uninterrupted operation in a lightning environment
  • Exclusive quick-connect technology for horns and solar panel

WAVE Transmitter

The WAVE Transmitter provides nearly-instantaneous activation of an unlimited number of Siren Stations within a two-mile radius. Extended range antennas are available if necessary.

The WAVE Transmitter accepts contact-closure signaling for automated triggering of Siren Stations during programmable hours of operation. Or, the Transmitter can manually trigger Siren Stations by turning the key-switch at bottom-right.

WAVE Siren Station Examples

WAVE Siren Stations can be configured to receive AC power, Solar power, or both. 

Based on coverage area and audible and visual warning requirements, WAVE Siren Stations can be ordered with up to four horns an a variety of LED or Xenon Strobe options.

WAVE Strobe-Only Station
WAVE Siren Station Single
WAVE Siren Station Triple
Solar-Powered WAVE Siren Station Single
Solar--Powered WAVE Siren Station Dual
Solar-Powered WAVE Siren Station Dual with Strobe

Horn and Light Options

WAVE Siren Station Horn
WAVE Siren Station Strobe
Caution Strobe, Alarm Strobe, and Tri-Color Light Stack for multi-stage alerting

Available WAVE Siren ALARM and ALL-CLEAR Sounds:

Alternate WAVE Siren Sounds:

These Alternate Sounds are available for CAUTION and CAUTION ALL-CLEAR notification, or for manual activation.

Enable notifications to mobile phone and PC via email & text message

Notifications can be sent directly to individual users through Strike View Software. 

Each individual user is empowered to choose:

  • Which mode change notifications to receive (e.g. ALARM notifications only, or all mode changes)
  • When to be notified (e.g. from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mon-Fri)
  • The method of notification (email, text message, or both)
Groups can also enroll to receive notifications as a team by listserv (e.g. golf course membership lists, teams of personnel, etc.).
Strike View Software enables notifications via email and text message.

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