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ESID Services & Accessories

Wxline is proud to offer expert Electrical Storm Identification Device (ESID) service and repair. Wxline's resources include an intimate understanding of the ESID sensor and display components. ESID fiber-optic cable repair and replacement services are also available.

Fiber-optic cable has appropriate ESID Sensor and ESID Display connectors. For cable runs over 90 meters please call for pricing.

Part No Length in meters Length in feet Price in US$
ESIDFC30 30 97.5 300
ESIDFC60 60 195 430
ESIDFC90 90 292.5 570


ESID Sensor and Display Controller

ESID Service and Repair

Please notify Wxline before sending ESID components to help schedule service work and to minimize turn-around time. Wxline evaluates the ESID Sensor and Display and performs standard maintenance for a flat fee. In some cases, a repair service cost estimate is quoted based on additional labor and parts required.

ESID Spare Parts

Wxline sells refurbished ESID components (including Sensors and Displays) and spare parts. Contact us for availability.

ESID Rental Program / Advance Exchange:

Wxline rents ESID Sensor and ESID Display components. ESID systems in need of service may also be eligible for our Advance Exchange Program. Please call for details.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.