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The Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead (CAPB) provides automated, active lightning protection by the electrical isolation of industrial control systems and central-stations.

The combination of best-engineering-practice passive lightning protection with fully automatic active lightning protection includes: 

  • selective isolation - disconnects selected conductors from the critical asset
  • selective grounding - grounds disconnected conductors
  • selective shutdown - disconnects power conductors via three independent circuits with programmable-delays to provide the ultimate defense against over-voltages, electrical overstress and lightning surge currents in a lightning environment.

The CAPB is intended for use as the indoor or secondary lightning protection bulkhead installed at the equipment-to-be-protected and must be used in conjunction with proper external or outdoor (primary) lightning protection.

The CAPB Delivers:

  • Wxline components fully assembled and pre-wired ready to power on
  • Best-engineering-practice passive lightning protection methods
  • Advanced and comprehensive active lightning protection including selective isolation, selective grounding and selective shut-down
  • Greatly simplified installation of central-station lightning protection involving many conductors
  • Expert-system implementation of active and passive lightning protection for critical assets
  • Shielding, cable-routing and cable dressing to minimize flashover risk
  • Attractive enclosure with large-area viewing window
  • Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead Central Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead Central
    Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead Pump Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead Central Critical Asset Protection Bulkhead Central


INSTALLATION: Wall-mountable.
ENCLOSURE: NEMA 4 molded fiberglass.
BATTERY: User-replaceable lead-acid batteries. Low-battery indicator.
COMMUNICATION: 10 W, 27.255 MHz, DIP switch address programming.
CONTROL INPUT: Contact-closure signaling. CAT 5 interface cable.
EXTERNAL POWER: In-line switching power supply. Input 100-240 VAC,
50/60 Hz. UL, VDE, FCC, CSA, CE.
RANGE: Three mile radius, longer range with available high-gain antenna.
ANTENNA: Standard 3 ft monopole antenna, 50 ft coaxial cable.

Download CAPB Central Data Sheet
Download CAPB Remote Data Sheet