About Wxline

In business since 2001, Wxline is the leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art systems which address the most demanding lightning safety and equipment protection needs.

Critical safety equipment must function reliably when needed most, so Wxline designs systems that minimize the potential for human error and function in severe weather and a lightning environment — immune to power outages, loss of internet, loss of cell phone service, and loss of personal computers.


  • Automate all system functions
  • Harden all electrical and mechanical materials for maximum durability and reliability.
  • Put control in the hands of the user
  • Build upon prior designs for uniformity
  • Integrate all systems for inter-connectivity
  • Simplify controls to minimize training needs

Every facility presents unique lightning detection challenges and warning requirements, so Wxline consults with facility managers across many industries to implement customized, fully-automated lightning warning and notification systems.

Wxline customer service commitments guarantee maximum uptime for our customers and mission-critical facilities. Wxline views its customers as partners who benefit from Wxline’s ongoing research and development that creates the leading lightning sensing and notification systems. An Investment in Wxline equipment is an investment in that partnership.

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